January Meeting on the 3rd: Cocos2d and 360|MacDev

The January meeting is less than a week away. Phil is presenting on cocos2d and Steve has tickets for 360|MacDev to give away. You don’t want to miss it!

The cocos2d presentation will be a bit of a code-a-long. Prior to coming to the meeting you should download and install the cocos2d framework. You’ll find a tarball at the cocos2d downloads page. You’ll need Xcode as well if you don’t already have it.

Cocos2d templates
You will also want to install the cocos2d templates. It’s a snap. Open up the Terminal and cd to your new¬†Cocos2D folder. If you’re not familiar with the cd command, just type “cd ” into the terminal, with the trailing space, and drag the Cocos2D folder into the window. It will fill out the path. Type return.

Once inside that folder, cd into the cocos2d-iphone subfolder: type “cd cocos2d-iphone” and press return. Then run the install script with “sudo ./install-templates.sh”. Enter your password when prompted.

Learning Cocos2D
The presentation will cover just the basics of cocos2d on iOS, to whet your appetite. It will be based on the Space Viking tutorials from the excellent book, Learning Cocos2D. Feel free to have a gander at the site and even download a few of the tutorials. Cocos2D is a comprehensive framework, with a lot going on, and the book and tutorials are a fantastic, hands on guide to developing a complete game.

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